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FUCK MY ASS!!!!!!!!!! [entries|friends|calendar]

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[20 Dec 2004|08:58pm]
[ mood | SHIT SON ]

Your LJ Family by mrsmisfit
Son who touches himself to pictures of momsunsetsin_gray
Daughter who has a deep black man voicekrazyin2006
Neighbourhood drug dealeriamso1970s
Homo neighbor who mows the lawn nakedxxjona2005xx
Neighbour who blasts polka all the timediehate
Grandmother with a penisblankeysmyhero
Dead grandfather, still in the bed he died in___teen_carnage
How many times a week you and your spouse have sex737
How much your partner enjoys it: 53%
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by  </font></p>


WOW i have not updated in a while um yea WOW i dont really know what to say um i been tryin to get a damn band started and shit thats not going 2 well me and susan broke up its ok tho im done bein emo about it and im not sure if were friends but o well ME AND haleh r friends again YAY even tho she got grounded dumb asain whore ( even tho shes not asain) i've been talkin to this girl joanna....I like her :) she is a cool kid  um yea i dont know what else to say um yea






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[22 Aug 2004|10:22pm]
hiCollapse )HOLLA
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IM BERT McCRACKEN [09 Aug 2004|11:44pm]
[ mood | crazy ]

You&apos;re Bert!
You're Bert! You are super sexy in the Box video in
the airport and you can do a back flip!! WOW!
OH MAN PLUS youre voice in Noise and Kisses
"and it tears me up.." OH MY GOD!!!!
It tears marissa and allie up to hear that. Oh
baby...everyone is sort of disspointed in your
kelly osbourne interest...but Allie thinks its
cool...and you stole Marissa & Emily & Allie's
hair color and slapped some on for the taste of
ink video score! Rock on hardcore..just dont
barf on Allie, thanks.

Which The Used band member are you? huh? HUH?
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[01 Aug 2004|01:03am]
i just found out that my girlfriend is afraid of me and it makes me feelnlike a bad boyfriend and i feel like she does not want to go out with me and it h but i love her so much and i dont wanna lose her she means everything to me i hate my life

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[29 Jun 2004|07:25pm]
[ mood | happy ]

I love Susan.

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